Jessica Sommer

Creative Director

Jessica Rae Sommer is an award-winning interior designer, professional artist, and fashion illustrator. Her diverse creative talents are the catalyst of her unique aesthetic perspective. In her designs, Jessica weaves an artistic balance between classical themes, modern trends, and avant-garde styling. Her artistic endeavors have given her an aptitude for understanding how our environments make us feel. She believes that in order for great design to truly be functional it should also be imaginative, inspiring, and personal.


Jessica earned her bachelor’s degree in interior design from Colorado State University in 2008. From there she began to hone her artistic skills and launch her interior design career in Denver, Colorado. Soon after, she relocated to the West Coast to become a designer for the world-renowned Hirsh Bedner & Associates (HBA). At HBA, Jessica immersed herself into luxury residential and hospitality design, working on and traveling to projects around the globe. These travels inspired her work as an artist and lead to collaborations with leading companies such as Armani, Swarovski, and other prominent faces of fashion and design.


Jessica now brings her multifaceted design experience to Maverick, where her passion for art and relentless enthusiasm for creativity are devoted to her residential projects. Her interiors are both captivating and invitingly livable. She views each project as a fresh canvas on which to contribute her unique aesthetic, attention to detail and, occasionally, a Jessica Rae original painting.