Jamie Bedner

Vice President of Design

As Director of Maverick Design, Jamie guides and oversees all projects to ensure that they meet Maverick’s high standards and signature style. Jamie’s keen eye for residential renovations has been honed over her 15 years of experience working in residential design at Wedgewood, a diversified real estate investment company. She didn’t start off her career in design, however. As a Regent Scholar at UC Berkeley, she pursued a business degree at the prestigious Hass School of Business and began her career at a bulge bracket investment bank in Corporate Finance. After three years working in finance, her passion for design and real estate prompted her to move to Wedgewood, where she could utilize her financial analysis skills and her creative side simultaneously.


Jamie’s design philosophy governs Maverick and can be described as simple, sophisticated, and timeless with a hint of the unexpected. She prides herself on staying ahead of design trends and juxtaposing seemingly contradictory ideas: unique design that is timeless, modern takes on classic looks, and open floor plans with defined spaces.