Dining Chandelier Install Tips


Dining chandeliers are an easy way to give your home an added touch of style. Even when not doing many other updates, a feature light can transform your space! Here are some helpful tips to insure proper installation of your dining fixture.

  • Hang the dining chandelier 66” from the table top to the bottom of the chandelier for an 8’ ceiling.

  • Hang the chandelier an extra 3” lower for each additional foot of ceiling above 8’. Note that for hanging chandeliers in other spaces (like a bedroom) the height will vary and may need to be adjusted.

  • Use your judgement to get the dining chandelier height just right. The primary function of the fixture is too provide light for the table, but it also serves as a design feature. Before you settle on a height, consider the room size, the table size, and the light that is projected by the fixture.

  • Keep the size of the dining chandelier proportionate to the size of the room. For larger dining rooms, make sure you use a larger chandelier (36” diameter and larger).

  • Fixtures should be hung in the center of the room so that it would be centered over the dining table.

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