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Maverick is a boutique design company with a unique signature elegance that resonates across a wide range of styles. Our designers are known for creating truly imaginative spaces that are both tastefully creative and invitingly livable. Maverick allows home buyers exclusive access to premier homes that are custom styled and ready to live in. Maverick was created as a specialized design division by its larger parent company, Wedgewood, after seeing the need for designer homes at every price-point. Wedgewood is a diverse residential development company with a rich history in residential properties on a national level. Over the past 30 years, the company has built a longstanding reputation for its assorted multidisciplinary endeavors.


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Our mission is to deliver a lifestyle, bringing luxury design and detail at every price point. We strive to go a step farther than creating beautiful homes. Our award-winning design team lives to create artistic, tasteful spaces that you will be proud to call your own. We deviate from builder basic norms. We tastefully push the boundaries to deliver homes you can fall in love with. Welcome home.


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Jamie Bedner

Jamie Bedner

Jessica Rae Sommer

Jessica Sommer

Andrea Vasquez

Andrea Vasquez

Erin Costello

Erin Costello

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