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Easy Landscape Ideas to Elevate Any Outdoor Space

Updated: Feb 2, 2023

Spring is coming, and people are looking to spend more time outside as temperatures heat up. Landscape updates, whether big or small, can help add value and appeal to any home. From highlighting existing spaces in a landscape to creating inviting features, small landscaping additions add more usable space to each property. For those of us in states that are warm all year-long, this becomes a more significant value add when creating outdoor living spaces.

Below are easy and cost-effective landscape ideas that will elevate any outdoor space!

Backyard firepits and outdoor chimineas have become very popular in recent years. They help create a focal point and outdoor gathering space that can extend the outdoor season. When creating a fire pit area, it is recommended that the space be a minimum 10-foot diameter and on a non-combustible surface placement. Well-placed furniture creates a cozy spot to enjoy.



Planted pots are a great addition to any front or back entrance. They effectively grab the attention of any visitor and guide the eye toward entryways while adding curb appeal. The character and material of the pot itself can add another element to a space, while the plants themselves add color and texture.

After: Planters

Before: Planters



Concrete patios, fences, and cinder block walls can all be susceptible to wear and tear over time. A fresh coat of paint can help breathe new life into a space by adding color and character to these outdoor features. On top of that, a fresh coat of paint may help conceal small imperfections while protecting your patio or fence against everyday wear and weather.

After: Painted Patio

Before: Painted Patio

After: Painted Cinder Block Wall

Before: Painted Cinder Block Wall

After: Painted Patio

Before: Painted Patio



String lights are a great addition to any gathering space in your front or backyard. They add an inviting charm to outdoor spaces while helping create an ambiance for social gatherings. String lights allow you to extend your outdoor entertaining through the night.



Outdoor furniture is the finishing touch that transforms a backyard into an outdoor living space. Whether adding a chair to your front patio for more curb appeal or some seating to complete your firepit zone, these small elements can add tremendous value. Outdoor furniture expands the home's footprint into yard space and adds more usability to any home.




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