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2022 Maverick Trend Report

What are homebuyers looking for in 2022?

Maverick Design is thrilled to share our Design Trend Report for 2022! At Maverick, our passion lies in staying in front of the ever-changing world of design. We specialize in anticipating design trends, industry patterns, and buyer preferences in each of our markets and delivering value-driven design at every price point. This year, we are focusing on fresh trends and intentional design solutions that maximize appeal, create value and add functionality for future homeowners. Maverick is excited to share our top ten trends homebuyers will be focusing on this year!

Trend One


Intentional design to support a complete way of life

Functional Form focuses on intentional design to support a homeowner's complete way of life. We see this trend illustrated in design solutions that prioritize:

• Maximized functionality

• Multifunctional spaces

• Pockets of privacy + productivity

• Dedicated spaces for work + play

• Mental health + fitness spaces

• Family focused spaces

• Custom solutions, including next-level garages

Photos from left to right: Shmidt Studio, Scout & Nimble, Campbell Architecture

Photos from left to right: Iconic Design + Build, Linea Photo, KLH Homes

Photos from Wall Street Journal by Seth Smoot, Styling by Kendra Smoot

Photo from Amber Interiors

Trend Two


Emphasis on restoration + sustainability

Thoughtful restoration emphasizes reuse, renewal, and revitalization of existing materials, architecture, and design. This philosophy includes:

• Embracing old is the new new

• Enhancing existing architecture + materials

• Selecting sustainable options, including eco-friendly and salvaged materials

• Celebrating existing architectural features

Photos from left to right: Redfin and Airbnb

Photos from left to right: Platform Home and Redfin | Vein Design

Photos from left to right: Maverick Design by Tiffany Angeles and Sarah Sherman Samuel

Photo from Williams Sonoma

Trend Three


Enhanced outdoor living space + sustainable landscapes

The great outdoors is all about expanding our living spaces and connecting with nature. This trend emphasizes enhanced outdoor living spaces and sustainable landscape strategies by focusing on:

• Optimizing outdoor spaces

• Enhanced indoor/outdoor living

• Mindful landscaping

• Drought tolerant + xeriscape

• Prioritizing native plants

Photos from left to right: Boxhill Design, Almost Makes Perfect, Pop Sugar

Photo from Dwell

Photos from left to right: Dwell, The Local Project, CB2

Photo from Decoholic

Trend Four


A softening of lines + shapes

Curve appeal celebrates a softening of lines and shapes in interior, furniture, and material design. This trend moves away from the harsher edges of ultra-minimalist trends we have seen in the past few years and brings in:

• Archway moments

• Rounded corners

• Curved furniture shapes

• Softened seating groupings

• Organic lines and patterns

Photos from left to right: The Design Files by Kat Lu and Architectural Digest by Bjorn Wallander

Photos from left to right: Mirador Group, Emmanuelle Simon, Frenchy Fancy

Photo from SH Group

Trend Five


Nature-inspired tones + organic textures

Warm Organics honors our connection with nature through nature inspired tones and organic textures. We see this trend illustrated through the use of:

• Biophilic Design

• Raw + organic feeling textures

• Organic materials

• Exposed wood

• Stonework

• Organic shapes

Photos from left to right: N/A, The Design Files by Caitlin Mills, Ivy Hill Tile by Home Depot

Photos from left to right: Studio Ezra, Veneer Designs, Tile Bar

Photo from Domino, CB2

Trend Six


A broader range of earth tone hues + colors emerge

The new neutrals plays off biophilic design, bringing in a broader range of earth tone hues and colors. We see a maturation of previous year's neutral palettes, bringing in:

• Expanded neutral tones add more range

• Warmer, moodier hues

• Contrast in darker accents

• Brown tones, walnut kitchens, and deeper finish tones

• Shades of white walls stay in trend

Photos from left to right: Rue Magazine and Shapeless Studio

Photos from left to right: Transition State

Photos from left to right: J.Reiko Design + Co and Rue Magazine | Vein Design | Pricde of Place | Shade Degges

Trend Seven


Continuing the natural connection through color

Green is the new black celebrates the use of green as a new neutral color. This healing and energizing color is seen throughout design in applications, including:

• Olive + verde hues in kitchen millwork

• Plants, foliage + greenery in staging

• Green + mint hues in tile

• Increased interior foliage and plant life

Photos from left to right: Working Holiday Studio, Bo Bedre, Lulu and Georgia

Photos from left to right: Handelsman + Khaw, Style Curator by The Designatory, Habitus Living

Trend Eight


Wood detailing, fluting, + slats add texture + dimension

Wood is in the details focuses on expanded nature-inspired applications that add detail, texture, and dimension. We see an increase in the use of wood fluting, slats, and other details, including:

• Fluted kitchen + bathroom cabinets

• Wood slat walls + screening

• Wood-look tile textures

• Fencing + exterior details

Photos from left to right: Tile Bar, Prince Design, Williams Burton Leopardi

Photos from left to right: Neil Architecture, KLH Homes, Caroline Andreoni

Photos from left to right: Homes To Love, Tali Roth Design, Domino | KLH Homes

Trend Nine


Thoughtful experimentations on scale + color

White light, big impact explores thoughtful design experimentations on scale and color. We see these almost ironic applications illustrated through the use of:

• White lighting, fixtures, + accessories

• Ironically large or small scale fixtures

• Oversized greenery + accessories

Photos from left to right: Est Living, Architectural Digest | Douglas Friedman, CB2

Photos from left to right: Nicole Frazen and Platform Home

Trend Ten


An exploration of lines + shapes

Pattern reinvented dives into a fresh exploration of lines and shapes. The patterns of the last several years are being seen in a new light bringing new energy into design. This trend emphasizes:

• Fresh take on traditional layouts + patterns

• Checkerboard + creative color blocking

• Playful tile installation

• Micro mosaic + organic texture

• Thoughtful application and balance of pattern

Photos from left to right: Lulu and Georgia, MyDomaine | Lindye Galloway | Mellon Studio, Sisalla

Photos from left to right: Studio Robert McKinley and Sarah Sherman Samuel


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